Errill_99Our Foundation Sire:

Greystone McErrill was bred by Marianne Alexander, at Greystone Farm in Ithaca in 1978. His sire was Hideaways Greystone Alex and his dam was Erin's Lassie. Melanie Alexander Fuchs, Marianne's daughter, trained and competed him. But his real worth was as a sire of sires, a producer of world class get. He was a wonderful teacher to a beginning horse breeder, always a gentleman to handle and work around.

As he matured to 15.2hh, he retained all of the characteristics of the Connemara , the "eager to please" attitude and substance of bone and hoof. His famous sons, Greystone Dallen McMor, Greystone Ian McVai, and Thor of Greystone have also produced many wonderful competitors who are enhancing his legacy in the Connemara breed into the third generation and beyond.   His registered get are listed in the ACPS stud books and in addition, he has produced many crossbred foals out of quality mares.

All told, his get must total at least a thousand. When he was crossed with Thoroughbred mares, his get were particularly successful in driving competitions as evidenced by their selection for many national as well as international competitions.

And in other disciplines:

Hideaways Greystone Covergirl, McErrill's daughter, produced a dynasty of her own in the Seaborne line and won the American Connemara Pony Hall of Fame Broodmare Award in 2001. There is a possibility of a book being written about the Greystone line and any contributions, photos or anecdotes would be welcome. They can be sent to Mary Lou Thall at .

By serendipitous genetic expression, a 15.2hh stallion was born whose progeny has left an imprint on the history of the Connemara breed in America and on the hearts of many of his fans.  At 31 years of age, the Connemara stallion, Greystone McErrill, was laid to rest overlooking his paddock and pond on January 29, at Triple Creek Farm in West Winfield, New York, where he had spent the last 18 years of his life.

He had a presence that will be remembered and missed.

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